Why Trump is starting to lead in some polls

No, he will not be president.  No, he does not deserve to be president.  And yet he is presently in some polls #1 among the Republicans seeking that office.  Why?

Because, whatever his motive (and I for one do not think it pure), he is saying what many Americans think, and have thought in their hearts for some time, to be true.  That even the basic interests of law-abiding, hardworking Americans are near the bottom of the list for the nation's leaders and wannabe leaders.  We are lied to, promised things the pols have no desire or plans to fulfill, and that is basically true for both parties.

Incompetence reigns.  Excuses abound.  Quality of life and hope for better times fade.  Meaningless rubbish is paraded as "news."  Many of us know it, and yet we have remained quiet because "what's the use?"  And then along comes brash, rude, and wealthy Donald Trump, who expressed loudly what we have ourselves been stifling inside.

I still do not and will not support him.  We've seen where having a popular but incompetent president has led us.  But still, in some respects, I root him on.