Why 'pro-choice' isn't

Some abortion advocates will get upset and claim that pro-lifers are lying when they assert that abortion advocates are not "pro-choice," but rather pro-abortion.

Here are a few reasons why pro-aborts are pro-aborts, not "pro-choice."

  • Pro-aborts either approve of or refuse to condemn China forcing women to have abortions whether they want to or not – no choice for the mother.
  • Pro-aborts approve of the HHS mandate that requires people who oppose abortion to provide abortion coverage for their employees – no choice for Christians.
  • Pro-aborts approve of federal funding for elective abortions – no choice for taxpayers.
  • Pro-aborts oppose laws that require a woman to be informed about just what an abortion is before she has one – no choice for women who want to know what they’re doing.
  • Pro-aborts oppose laws that require medical care be provided to babies who survive an abortion attempt – no choice for the newborn.
  • Pro-aborts support sex-selection abortions, where the unborn girl is killed because her parents want a boy – no choice for girls.
  • Pro-aborts support laws and rules that force people in medical school to learn how to perform abortions or participate in abortions – no choice for the doctors.
  • Pro-aborts support laws that discriminate against pregnancy centers that don't refer abortions because of their religious beliefs but provide far more support for pregnant women than Planned Parenthood does – no choice for mothers.
  • Pro-aborts oppose laws that require abortion clinics to adhere to the same safety standards as any other medical facility where procedures that could have serious consequences – such as internal bleeding – are performed – no choice for mothers who want a safe facility.
  • Pro-aborts support laws that allow underage girls to have abortions without their parents' knowledge or a judge's consent – no choice for parents.
  • Pro-aborts support Planned Parenthood even though it targets minorities (black women are three times as likely to abort as white women) – no choice for blacks and Hispanics.
  • Pro-aborts support late-term abortions, where science shows the unborn feel pain – no choice for a pain-free death for the unborn.
  • Pro-aborts support abortion for the potentially handicapped – no choice for the differently abled.
  • Pro-aborts deny the father any rights in deciding if his daughter will live – no choice for fathers.
  • Pro-aborts say abortion is good because without it, there'd be more people on welfare – no choice for the poor.
  • Pro-aborts attack large families – no choice for loving parents.
  • Pro-aborts try to cover up crimes by abortionists – no choice for a woman to be safe.
  • Pro-aborts say that the unborn daughter has no say in whether or not she's killed – no choice for children.

In every one of these cases, the pro-abort position is not one that supports choice, but one that supports abortion.  Anything that might limit abortion in any way, even providing medical care to babies that survive an abortion, has to be opposed.

The truth is that the vast majority of support for abortion in America is from people who want abortion for the “hard case” not for the >95% of abortions in America today which are just because people -- often the father -- refuse to be responsible for their actions; those people want casual sex without consequences.

But the abortion agenda is driven by the 16% or so of Americans who want abortion to be legal any time for any reason, or no reason.

Those hard core "pro-choice" people, the ones who push for abortion funding and the silencing of any voices that protest against them, are pro-abortion. They actively oppose any choice that would stand in the way of choosing abortion. That's why Obama stopped talking about abortion being "safe, legal, and rare" and instead extolls it as something God should bless.

For those people "pro-choice" is a label designed to hide the reality; being "pro-choice" in their minds really means "have the abortion, especially if you’re a minority".

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