Video of black race rioters brutally beating white man at July 4 gathering taken down by YouTube

According to a video posted to the Facebook account of QbabyOfTeamQ, a white man attending a July 4 concert in Fountain Square, the heart of downtown Cincinnati, was beaten bloody and unconscious.  Unfortunately, I am not able to embed the video because YouTube has taken it down, with a notice: “This video has been taken down as a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

However, you can still view the video (for now) at the QBaby Facebook account.  Shocking and disgusting, indeed.

Kristinn Taylor of Gateway Pundit, who first publicized the video, provides some description:

The white man was beaten unconscious following a hip hop and electronica Fourth of July concert.

The video shows a mostly Black crowd gathered around the white male victim laid out on the sidewalk. A few are trying to help the unconscious man while others squeal in awe at the blood covering his head.

Many onlookers are laughing.

Perhaps the most inconvenient truth of all in today’s America is the deliberate fostering of a race war – egging on black male youths to believe that society is so rigged against them that violence is a legitimate response.  The predictable result is that racial violence – almost exclusively black-on-non-black (including whites, Asians and Hispanics) – is commonplace, and ignored by national media.  AT frequent contributor Colin Flaherty is almost the only commentator to refuse to avert his gaze and pay attention to chronicling this major social cancer.  For his (and our) trouble, we have been labeled racist and even blamed for the hideous shooting attack in Charleston.

YouTube and the vast majority of national media agree with Jack Nicholson’s character in A Few Good Men: “You can’t handle the truth!”

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