Sen. Marco Rubio called Trump's comments about illegal immigration "outrageous" and "a distraction."  Reuters has Trump and Bush locked in a dead heat for first place for the GOP presidential nomination.  Meanwhile, Sen. Rubio has sunk to tenth place

I caught a headline proclaiming Trump's illegal immigration rally the hottest ticket in Arizona.

A respected Christian leader friend is high on Trump.  It was quite telling, the way he worked to convince me that Trump is a good Christian.

Clearly, my evangelical friend along with millions of Americans are thrilled that finally someone is boldly pushing back against PC, taking on the left, mainstream media, and Democrats.

There are numerous examples supporting the argument that Trump is not a true conservative.  I am not addressing that argument either way.

I wish to address political experts saying We the People (patriots) are being duped by a "clown" soaking up all of the oxygen (media) from real candidates.

At the core of Trump-mania is hurt, frustration, and, dare I say, feelings of impotence.  Patriots see their country crumbling around them, powerless to stop it.  They have been screwed repeatedly by the GOP and disappointed by weak-kneed conservatives.

Folks on our side have had very little to cheer about.  The GOP not only has betrayed us, but openly opposes us.  Then came the disheartening SCOTUS rulings.  Presidential candidate Ted Cruz stands out as the exception – not kowtowing to the left/media or trashing Trump.

Despite Trumpmania, I am not convinced that a majority of conservatives believe that Trump is our guy.  They just desperately needed something and someone to cheer about.  It is kind of like dating Mr. Right Now until Mr. Right comes along.

While I can understand experts' frustration with and suspicion of Trump, it is unfair to be annoyed with the "new silent majority" – the victims – for rallying around Trump

For crying out loud, what does Trumpmania tell you?  It tells you that We the People are fed up with our representatives kissing the left's butt, guarding our every word as not to offend – fearful of speaking the truth about PC sacred cows, and embracing liberal-lite as the new conservatism.

GOP candidates promising to deal with illegal immigration played a major role in the GOP winning the Senate.  Millions of patriots worked hard and donated funds.  The GOP basically said thank you very much, gave us the finger, and moved on.

So don't get mad at our base for rallying behind the guy who picked up the illegal immigration ball purposely dropped by the GOP.

As for Trump soaking up the oxygen, the burden is on each candidate to set him- or herself apart and earn media attention.  Tell our conservative base, "I get it!  I will not pander to the left.  I will not be another wimpy GOP establishment yes-man."

Our GOP representatives set the stage for Trumpmania to happen.  Beat up on Trump all you want, but it is going to take a bold advocate for conservatism to win us back.