The real reason why Obama is pushing a bad deal with Iran

As more and more details of the deal with Iran come out, it only gets worse and worse.  There will be no snap inspections.  There are secret side deals with the United Nations that we don't know about.  The Iranians will continue to enrich uranium.  And develop ICBM's.  And fund terrorist groups who will kill Americans.

But through it all, Obama keeps pushing this deal.  Ever wonder why?  Many people think he is naive.  I don't.

Liberals view the government as a force for progressive good when it acts as a controlling, collectivizing force within the country, telling its citizens what to do and when to do it, and redistributing wealth to define "equality" as it sees fit.  But internationally, leftists view government as an evil, imperialistic, colonialist force (even though we never had colonies outside of the U.S.).  In 1953, we overthrew the prime minister of Iran, Muhammad Mossadegh.  Liberals believe he was falsely accused of being aligned with the communist party of Iran and was going to align Iran with Russia.  (The actual truth is that he was aligned with the communist party of Iran and was very likely going to align Iran with Russia.  Surprised?)

Liberals were very upset when Mossadegh was overthrown.  Ever since then, liberals have viewed Irans as the hapless victim of an imperialist America.  That's why Jimmy Carter, the worst president America had ever seen until Barack Obama was elected, helped the radical Ayatollah Khomenei take over from the shah.  The shah was evil in Carter's mind because he was an ally of the West.  Khomenei had anti-Western rhetoric, but for good reason, because of our imperialistic meddling.

Fast-forward to today.  Obama is only continuing Carter's policy of appeasing the ayatollahs.  He's not being naive.  He knows that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

The sad fact is that Obama doesn't mind if Iran gets nuclear weapons.  He feels that America and the West are being imperialist and neocolonial again by trying to tell other countries who can and can't develop nuclear weapons.  Obama probably believes that by having nuclear weapons, Iran won't be pushed around by the West in the future.  Perhaps he even views nukes as a form of "reparations" for all the years of bad treatment he believes Iran has suffered at the hands of the West.

In that light, Obama's behavior makes perfect sense.  He certainly would not take military action against Iran's nuclear sites.  But at the same time, he can't be seen to be doing nothing.  So, purely for American consumption, he pretends to go through the motions and negotiate a "deal" with Iran that will allow Iran to do whatever it wants but on paper will allow Obama to show the American public that he has stopped Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

It is extremely similar to the situation in Congress where the Republicans purposely push symbolic bills that will never be passed to show their constituents they are conservative, while at the same time funding 100% (not 98%, not 99%, but 100%) of Obama's agenda.  The Iran deal is not about stopping Iran; it's about giving Obama cover to allow Iran to develop nukes.

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