Teacher who was love slave to teenage boys claims 'she had no choice'

The main argument for the gay rights movement is that gays are born that way, it's biological, they can't resist it, right?  In that light, it's interesting to hear the story of a teacher who got brain surgery, which she claimed gave her irresistible urges to make love to teenage boys:

A high school teacher accused of having sex with six male students has a brain condition that left her defenseless to the students' aggressive behavior, her lawyer said Tuesday. Authorities have said the victims were 14- and 15-year-old boys and the assaults occurred numerous times between 2013 and 2014. Some of the sex acts occurred on school property and in DuFault's car, they said. Her attorney, Timothy Smith, told NJ.com that the teacher suffers from "frontal lobe syndrome," a condition that experts say is associated with socially inappropriate behavior. It also leaves them unable to control their impulses, among other symptoms.

Can this really be so?  If so, doesn't this create an automatic defense for every pedophile?  Is this the natural progression from "gay rights" – that is, if a person believes she was born with an inclination, should society defend her inclinations and even teach children in school to admire and aspire to them, as they do with homosexuality and transvestitism?

What is even more confusing is that not everyone seems to agree that the boys were victims.  When men have sex with underage girls, the girls are clearly viewed as victims.  But when women have sex with underage boys, some people view the boys with envy.  Why the difference?

My own view on this: whether a behavior is biological or a choice isn't even the right question.  We all have biologically issued drives, but we choose whether or not to act on them.  But even if something is a biological urge, that doesn't mean it's always a good urge that should be taught in school.  The urge to jump off bridges should be discouraged.  The urge to cut off one's genitalia and artificially talk in a whispery girl voice should also be discouraged.

The entire dichotomy of "biological or choice" is entirely artificial.  When it comes to behavior, everything is a choice.

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