Taliban captures large police base; more than 100 officers defect

The government of Afghanistan announced that the Taliban have taken control of a police base in the far, northeast part of the country and that more than 100 police officers have defected.

Fox News:

Afghan security officials say the Taliban have taken control of a large police base in the country's remote northeast after three days of fighting that saw some 100 police and border officers join the insurgents.

Gen. Baba Jan, Badakhshan province's police chief, said Sunday that Tirgaran base in Wardoj district came under insurgent control late Saturday night. He says the local police commander and border officials at the base surrendered to the Taliban.

Jan says the surrender included authorities handing over all the base's equipment.

The Taliban issued a statement saying they captured the base along with 110 police officers, their local commander and the head of the local border police.

Insurgent activity spread to once-peaceful Badakhshan after the Taliban joined forces with other insurgent groups there earlier this year.

As the US continues to pull out, you can expect more of these defections. And not just from the security service. The army has also suffered some defections as the Afghan people begin to vote with their feet. There is zero confidence among the people in the ability of the Afghan government to protect them. And the army and security services have sized up the odds and many will decide to go with the winner - in this case, the Taliban.

Obama's precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan will create another enemy state that we will have to deal with.

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