Should GOP chairman Reince Priebus be deported?

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus criticized Donald Trump for being rhetorically too tough on illegal aliens.  He thinks it's too polarizing to talk about all the crimes illegals commit.

The head of the Republican National Committee, responding to demands from increasingly worried party leaders, spent nearly an hour Wednesday on the phone with Donald Trump, urging the presidential candidate to tone down his inflammatory comments about immigration that have infuriated a key election constituency.

What key election constituency would that be?  Illegal aliens?  They can't vote.  Liberals who support amnesty for illegals?  Probably not getting their vote, either.

Rather than backing down from his comments about illegal immigrants — whom he characterized as rapists and killers, among other things — Trump has amplified his remarks at every opportunity, including in a round of interviews Wednesday.

He characterized them as rapists and killers, because some of them are rapists and killers.  It's now "inflammatory" to report that fact?

A few weeks ago, those divisions were on vivid display at a regular gathering of top Republican elected officials, strategists and the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Over dinner at the Hay-Adams Hotel opposite the White House, some argued for a swift response, fearing Mr. Trump would mar coming Republican presidential debates with his needless provocations.

Highlighting how illegal aliens are raping and killing Americans is a "needless provocation"?  Imagine the GOP party bosses, sipping their cognac and smoking their cigars at this fancy hotel as they plot America's future.  The party bosses don't want to talk about illegal aliens and securing the border.  They don't want to talk about it because they have no interest in doing anything about it.  They are so out touch that they think voters will desert Republicans if they are tough on illegal aliens.  But most Americans and even many Hispanics are appalled by the trail of death and destruction caused by illegals.

Do you want to talk about Hispanics?  Hispanics in Arizona, South Texas, and parts of California live in fear from the crime and gang warfare of illegal aliens and would love to have a secure border.

Dispirited party elders, worried that Republicans are handing Democratic rivals a powerful campaign weapon by allowing Mr. Trump’s voice to be depicted as representative of the party, are sounding the alarm with growing urgency.

This I believe.  They fear that Trump's message of securing the border will become representative of the party.  They are in bed with Obama on this 100%.

Perhaps the saddest thing about all this is that they are rallying against Trump when, in all probability, Trump doesn't even believe what he is saying.

Exit question: Should Reince Priebus be deported from his job as RNC chairman?  Or instead, should he merely pay a fine and be given amnesty for his remarks?  Do you think that would help bring him out of the shadows?

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