Sanders and the left's version of a Tea Party

Back in 2009, the right rose, and we called it the Tea Party.  In 2015, the left is rising, and they call it "Bernie-mania."   

Sanders won't get the nomination, but he is showing us something about the modern Democratic Party: this is not your father's Democratic Party or the one that elected FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, and even Carter.

Sanders has touched a nerve in the left, or the same one that Ralph Nader touched in 2000.  

Sanders is telling liberals what they want to hear, as Brent Budowsky posted:

In this sense the left is right and the right is wrong, which is why the left is winning and the right is losing the battle of ideas. The right offers an anger-ridden vision of which Americans should be pushed down or locked out,ß while the left offers an uplifting vision that every citizen should have an equal share of the American Dream.

This is what fuels the Bernie Sanders summer and creates the opportunity for Hillary Clinton if she chooses to seize it. 

The Sanders magic is more than that what Mr. Budowsky is saying.

First, it is a repudiation of Hillary Clinton and her corrupt image.  In other words, these crowds don't connect with Hillary.

Second, it is a quiet repudiation of President Obama, although no one has the courage to say it.   

For example, Senator Sanders recently said that the real unemployment rate is 10.5% but did not mention Obama.  His comments about the rate could have come from any Republican.

For years, the media has been obsessed with the GOP's problems.  "Bernie-mania" is proof that the Democrats have huge problems, too.   

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