Random killing Trumps San Francisco's sanctuary city policy

The horrific murder of a pretty young woman by an illegal alien at a prime tourist location in San Francisco is validating the argument of Donald Trump on the influx of violent criminals, and causing at least some local media reflection in arguably the nation’s most politically correct city. This morning edition of the San Francisco Chronicle website (which reflects the newspaper’s front page to some extent) gives prominent placement to Trump’s contention that the murder of Kathryn Steinle shows that he’s right.

And the digital-only SFGate site gives him even more prominent play, using an unflattering picture.

update: Well, well, well. Here is the print edition of the paper this morning:

Donald Trump, who ignited a firestorm over comments he made in his Republican presidential campaign announcement calling Mexican immigrants rapists and killers, seized on San Francisco’s Pier 14 killing to rail against illegal immigration and call for stronger border control Friday.

Trump called for building a wall between the United States and Mexico after tweeting his “heartfelt condolences” to the family of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle, who died after she was shot in the chest Wednesday evening on Pier 14.

Police arrested 45-year-old Francisco Sanchez on suspicion of her slaying. Sanchez has been deported five times and in March was released from San Francisco Jail, despite immigration authorities’ request that he be held.

The Associated Press report on the matter makes clear that the release was no snafu but rather the result of official San Francisco policy:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had turned Francisco Sanchez over to authorities in San Francisco on March 26 on an outstanding drug warrant, agency spokeswoman Virginia Kice said.

Sanchez was booked into the San Francisco County Jail from federal prison, according to a statement from the San Francisco Sheriff's Department, which operates the jail. (snip)

Sanchez was on probation for an unspecified conviction, police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said Thursday.

Kice said ICE issued a detainer for Sanchez in March, requesting notification of his release and that he stay in custody until immigration authorities could pick him up. The detainer was not honored, she said. [emphasis added]

Freya Horne, counsel for the sheriff's office, said Friday that federal detention orders are not a legal basis to hold someone, so Sanchez was released April 15. San Francisco is a sanctuary city, and local money cannot be spent to cooperate with federal immigration law.

The city does not turn over people who are in the country illegally unless there's an active warrant for their arrest, she said. Horne said they checked and found none. ICE could have issued an active warrant if they wanted the city to keep him, she said.

"It's not legal to hold someone on a request to detain. This is not just us. This is a widely adopted position," Horne said.

I wonder how much a comfort that is to the grieving members of the Steinle family.

Local television news, part of the “if it bleeds, it leads” culture has featured the murder for two days now, with a twist. The deterioration of civil society that Newsmachete wrote about today (“When San Francisco and other major cities start becoming as dangerous as Mexico City, we have all lost an alarming number of our liberties”) has already reached the point where television news crews are robbed of their valuable camera equipment, and this happened live, on air yesterday. You can watch the segment unfold on KTVU TV, via their tweet:


In fact two different news crews were robbed of their broadcast equipment. SFGate reports:

News crews from two television stations were robbed of cameras Thursday morning, and a camera operator was pistol-whipped by a man in a ski mask, as they reported on a homicide at Pier 14 in San Francisco.

The mugging — the latest in the Bay Area to target television crews — happened at 6:03 a.m. at the pier along the Embarcadero and was captured in part on the air.

KTVU reporter Cara Liu was reporting live when someone ran up and stole camera equipment belonging to KNTV, which also had a crew on the scene. During the incident, KNTV camera operator Alan Waples was pistol-whipped. (snip)

The assailant, one of three men who took part in the attack, came up behind Waples, who was was adjusting Sanchez’s lighting, and put a gun to his head.

“Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” Sanchez yelled.

Waples said, “Take the camera!”

He recalled later that he was waiting for the click of the gun.

“I thought he was going to kill Alan,” Sanchez said.

The man then threw Waples to the ground and hit him with the gun in the ear, causing a large gash and leaving a big bruise on his upper arm.

There were actually two other news crews present at the pier when the robbery took place, but for whatever reason, they were not molested. And, as is now the norm among major media reporting crime, descriptions of the assailants do not mention race.

The attackers were described as three males, all wearing dark clothing, with one who had dreadlocks driving a late-model BMW with upgraded rims and no license plates, police said.

But the local media well know, because there have been multiple incidents of TV news crews being robbed in black neighborhoods of San Francisco and Oakland that they are not safe as they do their jobs. The hazard has now spread from ghettoes to the most prominent tourists sites in the city.

Mexico City, indeed.

San Francisco has been going through an extremely rapid gentrification, with high income tech and financial world people moving in and displacing lower income people of all races. These new residents are becoming more concerned about their safety, which has been taken for granted.

The national media, obsessed with attacking Trump, now face a dilemma. He is not shy about defending himself, and has now an example with all the elements the media loves – an attractive white female victim, in particular. Although his comments seemed to indict all Mexicans, in fact, upon contextual analysis, he was correct – that when you let in anyone, murderers and rapists are going to be part of the mix.

The story is too big in San Francisco for the local media to suppress it. The real question lies with the national media. The New York Times, which acts as pilot fish for most of the media has only one mention of Trump on its home page, and that is an article from two days ago titled, “Trump’s golf course a lesson in inequality.”

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