Poll: Majority support punishing Sanctuary Cities

Will the murder of Katie Steinle be a tipping point in the immigration debate?

When it comes to forcing Sanctuary Cities to obey the law, Ms. Steinle's murder may be seen as a catalyst in retrospect.

A new Rasmussen poll shows a majority of Americans back the government taking legal action against Sancutary Cities, and cutting their funding.

The Hill:

Sixty-two percent of likely voters back the DOJ penalizing cities that do not cooperate with federal authorities on immigration laws, according to the conservative-leaning Rasmussen Reports.

The firm found 26 percent of likely voters oppose such legal action. Another 12 percent are undecided on the matter.

Friday’s survey found 79 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of unaffiliated voters support DOJ action against sanctuary cities. Democrats were less enthusiastic, with 43 percent in support.

The new survey also found strong support for the federal government cutting off funding for sanctuary cities. Rasmussen found 58 percent of likely voters would support cutting funds, with 38 percent opposing and 10 percent undecided.

Republicans were once again overwhelmingly supportive, backing funding cuts with 79 percent support. Unaffiliated voters, meanwhile, register at 61 percent, while Democrats are at 46 percent.

Sanctuary cities are receiving new scrutiny following a fatal shooting of a woman in San Francisco last week; the suspect is an illegal immigrant.

If DoJ can take legal action against Arizona for failing to follow federal immigration policy, why not go after Sanctuary Cities? Defenders of the practice have no good answer for that, which is why momentum is building to force cities to obey the law.

It won't happen as long as Obama is in the White House. But the issue - along with other immigration issues - may dominate the 2016 campaign for president. And if that happens, consider it "advantage, GOP."


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