My white privilege, part two

The reality of white privilege is that it’s actually “American privilege,” the privilege we have been fortunate to enjoy by living in America and by assuming the American culture as a standard by which we live.  So what is the argument for “white privilege” really all about?

The simple and obvious answer has four parts.

  1. By claiming that white privilege exists, it is also possible to claim that white people – not having the “black experience” – are incapable of understanding the issue and are therefore automatically disqualified from discussing it.  It’s neat trick that takes your debate opponent out of the discussion before it even starts.  Nothing I say has any merit.  Hint: Don’t let them do this to you.
  2. It is a tool to further divide the races.  Race relations are declining here at a rapid rate.  Everything is viewed through the race lens, and every attempt is made to use each and every event – Baltimore, Ferguson – to more fully lever us apart as a nation.  Claiming white privilege provides a shallow thinker something to glom onto as he tries to make sense of why his life is so crappy.  But if instead we were to look past race and view the solution as American culture, progressives would not have any leverage here.
  3. It takes our eyes off the truth.  The failure in the inner-city minority communities is not racially based.  It is culturally based – a failed culture that has been nurtured and encouraged by progressives.  When black Americans avail themselves of American privilege by adopting the American culture, they succeed about as well as every other citizen.  If race were the reason – meaning there is a genetic reason for the disparity – then all or nearly all black Americans would be in that same boat regardless of how they live their lives.  And we know that such is not the case.
  4. But here is the main reason: progressives need someone else to blame for their failed policies, governance, and thinking.  Once the affected population wake up and realizes that progressives put them there, the pitchforks and torches will appear.  These policies have failed globally in history nearly every time they have been tried.  Blaming their failures on those who actually have a better solution (cultural Americans of all races and ethnicities) solves two problems at once.  It reinforces the progressive control over certain populations, and it makes non-black people the problem.

True progressives desire to tear down the successful society and way of life that provided by the American culture so they can replace it with their version of power and control.  To do so, they must destroy its fabric.  And what better way to do that than by demonizing the largest sector of those who are most responsible for the success of American privilege in the first place?

Because their policies have visibly failed, progressives need to point the finger of blame away from themselves, an action called “transferrence.”  And white privilege makes the perfect goat.

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