Mark Levin: The name 'Democratic Party' should be banned for racism

Now that we're in a new movement to ban the Confederate flag from computer games and old television shows, talk show host Mark Levin has jumped on the bandwagon, suggesting we ban the name "Democratic Party."

Levin says this is because the Democratic Party has such a racist past.  It was the party of slavery, after all, the party who fought against Abraham Lincoln's efforts to free the slaves.  The Democratic Party was also the party of segregation for decades.  Former Senate majority leader Robert Byrd was an official in the Ku Klux Klan.  Hugo Black, FDR's appointment to the Supreme Court, was a lawyer for the Ku Klux Klan.  FDR himself locked up most of  our Japanese-American population in camps simply because of their ethnicity.  Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, signed a law making interracial marriage illegal, the army was segregated, and Wilson supported Jim Crow laws in the South.

Democrat Bill Clinton praised Democratic senator William Fulbright, a segregationist.

We come to celebrate and give thanks for the remarkable life of J. William Fulbright, a life that changed our country and our world forever and for the better. . . . In the work he did, the words he spoke and the life he lived, Bill Fulbright stood against the 20th century’s most destructive forces and fought to advance its brightest hopes

In light of that racist history, the name "Democrat" or "Democratic" should no longer be used.  It was acceptable yesterday, and last year, and for the last 100 years, but now let us decide that it is a racist word.  All newspapers with the name "Democrat" (e.g., "Democrat Gazette") will have to change their names.  We will break relations with all countries that have the name "Democrat," like the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Until the Democratic Party changes its name, we can no longer refer to it by that name, but rather the party of the "D word."

All books with the D word should be removed from and Barnes & Noble.  All apps with the D word should be removed from the Apple store.

In voting booths, the party column should be labeled "The _________ Party" or the "The -----rat Party."  The political process called "democracy" should also have a name change – perhaps "peopletocracy" or "voterocracy".

Why do we need to make all these changes?  Because the D word offends some people.  Even if these people weren't offended yesterday, or the day before, or 100 years before, they are offended now.  If a word offends people, it should be banned, no matter in what context it it is used.  Even in schools when history is taught, teachers should not say "the D word."  If students ask what the D word is, the word should still not be spoken; instead, a sign language interpreter should be called in to say the word, using hands only.

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