If we bring a vision of peace and a nuclear-free Iran to the fight, they'll bring a gun...and more weapons

Speaking on Saturday about the Iran-U.S. nuclear deal to Iranian citizens, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei defiantly stated:

“Our policy toward the arrogant U.S. government won’t change at all,” Khamenei said. “We have no negotiations with America about various global and regional issues. We have no negotiations on bilateral issues.”

He also praised Iranian demonstrators who a week before chanted “Death to Israel” and “Death to the U.S.” during protests marking the pro-Palestinian Al Quds Day commemoration.

The ayatollah said that the slogans “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” would continue to be heard in Iran.

Apparently not speaking in a room with a sign like below:

The ayatollah further emphasized his non-peaceful intentions about the Iran nuclear non-proliferation deal by holding a gun in his left hand as he spoke.  

Apparently the media didn't think his words and accessories were relevant; they didn't want to disturb their mythical peaceful narrative courtesy of their idol, President Barack Obama (D).  As reporter Sharona Schwartz of TheBlaze noted:

 But the most potent sign of all reflecting his message – the gun balanced under his left hand holding his speech notes – was left unmentioned.

It’s unlikely that if the speech had been given by an American or any Western politician that this scene setting detail would have been overlooked, especially given the hotly debated issue of guns.

Guns – and nuclear weapons  in the hands of Iranians are fine, apparently.  In Americans' hands, especially Republicans', not so much.  

Bring on "peace in our time."