How to call out the press for their blatant racism

Donald Trump is in the news again, this time for tangling with a columnist who essentially called Trump a racist:

This time, the scribe who drew Trump's ire was the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart, who called out the billionaire's "baldly racist xenophobia" in a column earlier this week.

In response, Trump sent Capehart, who is African American, a handwritten note: "Jonathan - You are the racist, not I," Trump wrote. "Get rid of your 'hate.'"

How refreshing is this?  This is something we never hear from Republicans.  When the media charge the Republicans with racism, instead of fighting the premise of their questions, Republicans excel at looking guilty and submissive.  When Mitch McConnell or John Boehner is given any variant of the question  "Why do you hate Hispanic or black people?," instead of fighting the premise, they look like they've been caught red-handed with kiddie porn.

Even Ted Cruz, who had a pretty good performance on Univison against Jorge Ramos, the Darth Vader of illegal immigration, still beat around the bush when Jorge attacked him for "breaking up families."  Cruz said he supports the rule of law, but what he didn't do is attack Ramos for blatantly trying to change the ethnic balance of the country.  By taking in tens of millions of Spanish-speaking people and making them citizens en masse, Ramos wants to turn America into a Spanish-speaking country.  (We now have more Spanish speakers than Spain).  Illegal aliens, mostly Hispanic, are "DREAMers," while any American who questions a free college education for them is treated like a racist.

The racists are the ones pushing to turn America into a Hispanic nation (and they even have a name: "La Raza," which means..."The Race").  And it's not only about Hispanics.

The racists are also the ones pushing for lower standards for blacks in jobs and education.  The racists are the ones who refuse to blame black parents when their children attack white people and rob stores in "flash mobs."  The racists are the ones who blame the police for shootings when blacks are mostly victimized by black killers.

When challenged by reporters, Republicans should say, "Why are you promoting one race over another?  Why are you holding minorities to lower standards?  Why are you using the photo of an eight-year-old boy when the assailant was 17 years old and weighed 200 pounds?  Why do you report stories when the victim is black and the shooter is white, which is extremely rare?  Why do you have an anti-white bias?"

But of course they won't.  That's why Trump's rhetoric is refreshing.

By the way, while I applaud much of what Trump is saying, I still consider him a total fraud.  "Mr. Conservative" was quite happy to profess his love for Democrats for most of his life, and somehow I can't find much in the way of conservative statements from him before 2015.  It's like one of those cover identities spies use that you trace back and find simply didn't exist before a certain period of time.

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