Hillary sways Democrats with her impressive ignorance on global warming

Hillary Clinton was in Iowa, talking about the subject foremost on everyone's mind.  No, not the tremendous national debt, or illegal immigration, or Iran getting nuclear weapons, but global warming. She praised Iowa for its success with wind energy, which she said was an example of good environmental and economic policy. She said she favored a wind-production tax credit How is it good economic policy when the championed energy source requires taxpayer subsidies?  How is it good energy policy when the championed energy source stops working when the wind dies down? Clinton called for harnessing the power of the sun to generate enough renewable energy to run every home in the country within the next decade, as part of a climate-change initiative announced Sunday. And what happens at night when there is no sun?  Do we have to go back to the Middle Ages and live in darkness without power for 12 hours a day? In a campaign video, Clinton says,...(Read Full Post)