Hillary reeling

I am beginning to dread Hillary Clinton quitting the presidential race.  Here I have been gleefully looking forward to reporting on her many criminal acts, not just the classified email crimes, but bribery and many other acts – depending on how far back you want to go.  But now, things have gotten so bad that Michael Walsh of PJ Media is chortling, “The betting windows are now open: Hillary! Clinton’s Last Day As a Presidential Candidate. Get your markers down.”

He links to an article by Philip Bump of the Washington Post, examining how Hillary’s poll numbers are crashing in ‘”the states that matter,” and how her net approval/disapproval numbers are in the tank.  In summary:

Recent surveys suggest that Hillary Clinton may be more reliant on the non-white vote in November 2016 than you might have assumed.

A poll released Sunday from NBC/Marist reinforces one from last week by Quinnipiac University that found her to be as unpopular as Donald Trump in key swing states. In Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton's net favorability — those who view her positively minus those who don't — was negative-23 and negative-20, respectively.

Among Democrats, we'll point out, the numbers were much, much higher, which comports with her first-place position in caucus/primary polling in those states. But among all voters? It sinks, matching what Quinnipiac found in Colorado, Iowa and, to a lesser extent, Virginia. (snip)

Part of this, as we've explained before, is that Clinton's favorability tends to swell when she's not running for office and dip when she is. (snip)

CNN also broke out Clinton's favorability by demographic. She's very, very popular among Democrats and very, very unpopular among Republicans. Among independents? Let's say very unpopular, with only one "very."

Donald Trump, the other presidential candidate whose net favorability/unfavorability rating is in negative territory, is on the attack on the criminality front:

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email address on a private server crossed lines that former General David Petraeus never did.

"The fact is that what she has done is criminal," Trump told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday in a phone interview on "State of the Union."

Trump compared Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, to Petraeus, the former top U.S. military official in Iraq and Afghanistan and Central Intelligence Agency director who resigned amid allegations he allowed his mistress access to classified information.

"What she did is far worse than what General Petraeus did and he's gone down in disgrace," Trump said. "What he did is not as bad as what Hillary Clinton did, and it's similar. But it's not as bad. I mean, she got rid of her server, he never did anything like that."

The former general pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information.

He’s absolutely right, of course.

I am beginning to fear that Hillary is just going to give it up and pull out of the race.  I picture her constructing a money bin, like Scrooge McDuck.

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