Hillary planning 'Wizard of Oz' presidency with anonymous chat press conferences

Remember the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is talking to the fearsome Oz, only to realize that it is just an ordinary person behind a curtain?  That's what I thought when I read about Hillary Clinton's "Facebook chat." Questions were asked, and answers were given, but the answers in many cases were so long and contrived as to seem highly unlikely to have come from Mrs. Clinton's hands:

Korinayo Thompson: Hello Hillary! You discussed accountability on Wall Street in last week's speech. It seems like we're constantly seeing stories in the news about misconduct on Wall Street, but no one is ever held accountable. What would you do to change it?

Hillary Clinton: A good - and timely - question. Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of Dodd-Frank - the law passed to deal with the problems on Wall Street that led to the financial crisis. It's been under constant attack from Republicans in Congress ever since. As president, I'll defend Dodd-Frank - and I'll go beyond. You're right - we have work to do to enhance accountability. We've all heard the shocking stories of misconduct by individuals and institutions in the financial industry. And even though some institutions have paid fines and even admitted guilt, too often it seems like the people responsible get off with limited consequences (or none at all). Even when they’ve already pocketed the gains. That's wrong and it has to change. Last week, I pledged to prosecute individuals as well as firms when they commit fraud or other criminal wrongdoing - because no one is "too big to jail." I’ll be laying out my Wall Street agenda in more detail soon. But here are three more examples of the kinds of things we can do: 1 - Appoint and empower tough, independent-minded regulators and give them the resources they need to do their jobs. 2 - Make sure that good people have real incentives to come forward and report illegal activity by raising the whistleblower caps so they're actually effective. 3 - Make sure that when corporations pay fines to the government for wrongdoing, those fines cut into the bonuses of the executives who should have been accountable or should have caught the problem. Give people a reason to improve the culture of their firms. You'll hear more about these proposals in the next few weeks so stay tuned! -H

Now, come on – does anyone believe that Hillary Clinton really typed all that?  It shows her total ignorance of how chat really works.  No one writes such long messages in chats; it's simply not realistic to sit down and type so much in one message.

Which raises the question: who really wrote the message above?  Almost certainly not Hillary Clinton.  She's not capable of delivering such long and detailed messages.  Given the anonymous nature of online chatting, we really have no idea who actually responded to those questions. It is exactly like The Wizard of Oz, where Hillary's fearsome photo represents Oz, and we have no idea who is hiding behind the curtain.

Hillary has been notorious about avoiding the press and tough questions. If she is elected president, do you think this will be the press conference of the future, where questions are simply submitted online (probably many of them sock puppet questions submitted by her own staff) and answered online by an unidentified person writing under Hillary's photo?  More ominously, do you think we will see a presidency where Hillary is not seen for weeks or months at a time, available only via an online photo that will answer questions written by someone in the White House?

If so, do you think Hillary would operate this way because of (a) lack of interest in corresponding with her subjects, (b) a basic inability to articulate, (c) medical reasons, or (d) something else?

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