Hillary and the Dems have a #blacklivesmatter problem

The Democratic Party has painted itself into a corner with its heavy reliance on the black vote and its pandering to the extreme left. The problem is that the reservoir of hatred and violence on the black left is deep, and by pandering to it, the Dems expose themselves to a significant liability, and have been losing the ability to rein in their allies’ worst instincts. It is no secret that for Hillary Clinton to win the presidency, she will have to inspire black turnout rates similar to those enjoyed by the Historic First Black President, Barack Obama, while remaining a wealthy and arrogant white woman.

But first, she will have to deal with the #blacklivesmatter crowd, who demonstrated to Martin O’Malley last week their power to compel a Democrat to recant something as innocent as the contention that all lives matter. The venue where that confrontation took place was the netroots conference, a hive of left wing activists. Newly released video from that conference shows the extent of the madness that has seized that significant, powerful faction of the Democrats. Lee Strannahan of Breitbart writes:

In rarely seen angle on the Black Lives Matter mob takeover of a NetRoots Nation Presidential Town Hall last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, activists from the group scream explicit calls for violence and chaos, using an Occupy Wall Street style call-and-response technique to advocate “burn everything down,” “shut this shit down,” and “rise the fuck up.”

The shouted manifesto lays bare the theory behind the burning, looting, and rioting that have transpired in recent months in Baltimore and Ferguson, and it also lays out the group’s agenda on current news events like immigration reform, transgender activism, and the fables about the death of convicted criminal Sandra Bland that the group is spreading through the media.

The video is alarming.


As Strannahan notes, this is not some fringe group that can be expunged with no damage. Its leader has been a White House visitor.

The nascent Black Lives Matter movement cannot claim that these statements were made by a few fringe members: the entire rant was orchestrated by Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisee Cullors, who can be seen in the video enthusiastically pumping her fist and shouting along with every incendiary statement.

Nor is Black Lives Matter a fringe group; they have been embraced and given fealty by the highest levels of the Democratic power structure. Cullors told a British interviewer, “We’re going into halls of power now. Many of us are meeting with mayors or meeting with local government. Some of us have met with President Obama himself to talk about the demands.”

Ms. Cullors’ name appears on White House visitor records.


So, do Hillary and her party try to quiet down the militants? If so, they risk cooling down the momentum in the black community for the Democrats, something that is happening anyway with a rich white woman on the ticket (so look for Cory Booker or Duval Patrick to get the vice presidential nod).

But even with this palliative, the #blacklivesmatter crowd will not be satisfied. Stay tuned, it's going to be awkward.

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