He is going to Trump for a while

On Saturday, Mr. Trump's presentation showed me two things:  

1) He's touched a nerve out in the country by talking plainly about illegal immigration.  Mr. Trump has made it about "illegal" rather than immigration.  I hope that other GOP candidates are taking notes and developing a backbone. 

2) He is speaking too much from the heart, as he said.  I think that speaking from the heart is a good thing, but running for president requires a little more structure and discipline.  Saturday's speech was way too long.  He spoke too much about himself, and his attacks on Governor Bush were way too personal.  Why take a shot at the Bush name?  Bush 41 served in World War II and very respected.  Bush 43 kept the country safe and left a stable Iraq.

Nevertheless, he will trump on for a while.  He's got the money, and there is an audience for what he is saying.

My good friend Barry Casselman has the right idea:

Like his left wing Democratic equivalent, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Mr. Trump has the temporary advantage of being much more interesting to the media than his opponents.

I agree that Trump is talking to the base about immigration and Sanders is giving liberals a taste of the 1960s.  

Where does Trump go from here?  He will trump on, but facts will soon get in the way.  Mr. Trump is not really a conservative and has been on the left of many issues, as Chris Cillizza wrote.  All of these flip-flops will come out as he debates better politicians, such as a Rubio, who is always so well prepared.

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