GOP field (except Trump) giving a pass to all four Dem candidates on sanctuary cities support

A huge campaign issue for the GOP is being ignored, raising the specter of another presidential race in which the Republican nominee fails to press the Democrat’s weaknesses.  A gentlemanly campaign always loses to the bare knuckles of the left in today’s media environment, where tongues cluck only over GOP excesses.

Karthryn Steinle, the beautiful young woman who died in her father’s arms, gunned down by an illegal immigrant from Mexico, is a martyr for which the sanctuary city policies of San Francisco (and other progressive havens) are undisputedly responsible.  The danger they create affects every American, for Steinle was assassinated in a seemingly safe public space.  If she was in danger, we all are in danger.

Kathryn Steinle’s blood is on the hands of every politician who has supported sanctuary cities.  And, as Chuck Ross points out in the Daily Caller, all four Democrats currently running for the nomination are on the record in support of sanctuary cities:

As a senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, twice made public statements backing sanctuary cities. In 2008, she and two other Democratic candidates, Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, voted against an amendment that would block federal funds from going to sanctuary cities. And last year, as governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley announced that the Baltimore city jail would stop honoring requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold illegal aliens until they could be deported.

But right now, the GOP field is aiming its fire at Donald Trump for making the point that open borders allow entry to the scum of Mexico (as well as some good people), albeit poorly and broadly worded.

It is not simply that the rest of the GOP field want to gain an advantage over Trump; they are petrified by political correctness of losing the support of Hispanic voters and voters-to-be.  The fact that the Hispanic populace is at least as much at risk as anyone to the multiple felons allowed to stay in the United States is a logical step too far, apparently.  It should not take too much effort to uncover equally horrifying cases of Hispanic people victimized by criminals sheltered by sanctuary cities.

A campaign against sanctuary cities, including a promise to sign legislation denying federal funds to cities that enact sanctuary city policies, should be a no-brainer.  Pointing to multiple victims, of every race, of these policies provides cover, and emphasizes the issue of rising crime, another feature of Democrat policies in places like New York and Baltimore.

But, presumably because all the other candidates want to separate themselves from Trump, this issue is languishing.

Mitt Romney ought to be president of the United States today, but he ran a gentlemanly campaign, and that is why President Obama has been free to fundamentally transform America unconstrained by re-election concerns.  And it looks as though that mistake will be repeated.