Gay rights for Kenya, no human rights for Cuba

Last week, we saw the U.S. flag go up in Havana, but more and more dissidents were arrested and subjected to repression, the one thing that the Castro regime does real well.  Sunday, July 26 was a bad day for dissidents, as Marc Masferrer reported.

No protests from the White House.  In fact, the silence is embarrassing.

Yesterday, President Obama went to Kenya and lectured his father's homeland about gay rights, illegal in that country.

First, Kenya actually has the same position on same-sex marriage that candidate Obama did in 2008.  Before the rainbow lights went on in the White House, candidate Obama said this about same sex marriage:

I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage.

Second, why all of a sudden is President Obama talking "gay rights" in Kenya and silent about human rights in Cuba?  Or women's rights in Iran?  Or gay rights in both countries?

My guess is that he is once again pandering to the left back here.  He needs for them to show up in 2016.  

It may be good politics, but it's lousy for the people of Cuba and Iran!   

Speaking of human rights in Cuba, half of Cuba's field hockey team defected at the PanAm games.  They didn't get the memo that change was coming to Cuba.

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