Former head of Chicago Urban League charges Dems with racial insensitivity

What goes around comes around.  The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has chosen to back Rep. Tammy Duckworth as challenger to Republican Senator Mark Kirk in the 2016 election.  This has royally aggravated Andrea Zopp, former head of the Chicago Urban League, who is black, while Duckworth is white (and a wounded Iraq war veteran).  Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune writes:

In a statement, Zopp said she was "saddened and shocked that the DSCC would issue an endorsement without even interviewing me" and accused the group of displaying "total insensitivity to Chicago, African-American women and the democratic process." (snip)

Zopp, a former top Cook County prosecutor, launched her campaign in May and has said she expected to report raising more than $665,000.

Duckworth has the complete backing of the Democratic Party establishment, which sees her status as a wounded veteran as a trump card in dealing with Kirk, who has recovered from a stroke that left him disabled for a time.  Duckworth is no mental giant, but that hasn’t kept her from being in the House of Representatives.

But it’s no secret that Illinois Democrats need a healthy turnout in the black precincts of Chicago, so Zopp’s cry of racism could influence not just the Senate race, but the entire ticket in 2016.

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