Fisking a pathological president's latest pack of lies

Barack Obama is pushing the pedal to the metal to get Congress to agree to pass a bill that will pave the way for Iran to have a nuclear weapons arsenal and continue its reign of terror around the world.  Iran has the blood of over 1,000 American lives on its hands, is the number-one state sponsor of terror (according to even Obama’s own State Department), and regularly promises to destroy America.  Hence, Obama is very interested in partnering with that regime.

He gave a recent interview peddling so many deceptions that it defies belief.  The biggest one is that his “historic” agreement means a “permanent prohibition” on Iranian nukes.  Barack Obama is even calling himself a liar, since just a few weeks ago he admitted that Iran would be able to develop nuclear weapons at the end of the expiration of the agreement.

Note: Bold type indicates the statement being fisked.  Italics indicates my fisking.

Deal means ‘permanent prohibition’ on Iranian nukes, insists Obama

US President Barack Obama rebuffed critics of the Iran nuclear agreement Saturday, defending the historic accord amid skepticism from lawmakers reviewing the deal.

In his weekly address, Obama said that without the accord, “we’d risk another war in the most volatile region in the world,” underlining the limits now placed on Iran’s nuclear program.

This deal actually pushes Iran further away from a bomb. And there’s a permanent prohibition on Iran ever having a nuclear weapon,” Obama said.

(My fisking: Obama previously admitted that his nuclear agreement with Iran only delays Tehran from eventually acquiring a weapon, which would come immediately after Year 13 of the agreement – leaving the problem for future presidents – his habit.)

“We will have unprecedented, 24/7 monitoring of Iran’s key nuclear facilities.”

(The deal gives Iran license to resist inspection and gives the regime at least 24 days to deny inspections of facilities – time they can use to scrub suspect facilities.  Plus, there has been a long history of the regime deceiving or blocking even the inspections they have previously agreed to – a fact they openly brag about.)

He said repercussions would be swift if Iran did not stick to the agreement.

“If Iran violates this deal, the sanctions we imposed that have helped cripple the Iranian economy – the sanctions that helped make this deal possible – would snap back into place promptly.”

(The snap-backs will be nearly impossible to impose, and those that would snap back would certainly not do so “promptly.”)

The agreement, signed Tuesday after two years of talks, aims to roll back Tehran’s nuclear program in return for lifting sanctions that have stunted Iran’s economy.

Under the deal, Iran will cut by about two-thirds the number of centrifuges — which can make fuel for nuclear power stations but also the core of a nuclear bomb — from around 19,000 to just over 6,000.

(Iran gets to keep the most modern and efficient centrifuges and gets to research how to make newer and more efficient ones – that they can install the first day the “deal” expires.)

The US Congress has 60 days to review the agreement, and can vote to approve or reject it.

Obama‘s Republican rivals, who hope to scupper the agreement in a planned Congressional vote, have accused him of appeasement.

Obama said he was not scared of naysayers, and welcomed questions on the deal.

“I welcome all scrutiny. I fear no questions. As Commander-in-Chief, I make no apology for keeping this country safe and secure,” he said.

“Does this deal resolve all of the threats Iran poses to its neighbors and the world? No. Does it do more than anyone has done before to make sure Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon? Yes.”

Under legislation passed in May, Obama is barred from lifting congressional sanctions on Iran during the review period, unless Congress approves the deal during that time.

Should Congress pass a resolution of disapproval, Obama would veto that resolution. Two-thirds of lawmakers would be needed to override a presidential veto.

Obama will address the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars next week, where he will continue his defense of the deal, which he said met the red lines set out by Washington.

(In fact – not that Obama cares about those, but Americans should – the “deal” Obama reached with the mullahs violates every single “red line” Obama and his team laid out to lull Americans and Congress into giving him the authority to reach this “historic deal.” (See “Obama and Kerry crossed every one of their own red lines.”  By the way, 9/11 was historic, Pearl Harbor was historic, and Munich was historic.)

“We refused to accept a bad deal. We held out for a deal that met every one of our bottom lines. And we got it.”

Barack Obama continues to practice his Doctrine of Deceit when it comes to empowering our Islamic enemies.  Americans and Congress can stop this treasonous deal by making their views known: Americans can call or mail their representatives and tell them to stop Obama.