Democrat county chairman punches blind veteran at polling place (video)

Leroy Jones is Chairman of the Essex County Democratic Committee, the third most populous county in New Jersey, whose county seat is Newark.  According to LiveLeak:

Video was released purportedly showing Leroy Jones punching 75-year-old Bill Graves, who was volunteering as a poll worker during the incident on primary day, June 2.

“I hear this rumbling, ‘Where the blank is Bill Graves? I’m gonna kick his butt!’” Mr. Graves told a local ABC affiliate. “You can see on the tape it was intentional.”

The suspect, identified by Essex County Prosecutors as Mr. Jones, is seen throwing several punches at Mr. Graves following what appears to be a heated confrontation.

Mr. Graves and his friends said Mr. Jones attacked him because he was backing a political candidate that Mr. Jones did not support.

Here is the video:


According to the Washington Times:

Mr. Jones, however, said he was defending his wife, who was also working at the polls. Mr. Jones said the veteran got aggressive with his wife during an argument, and she called her husband for help, a local CBS affiliate reported.

“This man threatened my wife. This man assaulted my wife. This man charged at my wife,” Mr. Jones said.

That’s right: you can’t be too careful when dealing with an elderly, blind Republican veteran. Best to go on the offensive and punch him out, just to be safe.

Imagine, for a moment, if this were a white Republican county chairman punching out a handicapped Democrat at a polling station. Do you think President Obama might have something to say? Or that Loretta Lynch might dispatch some people to the site? 

And what do you suppose NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/MSNBC would have to say about it?

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