Bush believes in man-made global warming and wants plenty more of it

Jeb Bush said today that he believes that people cause global warming, saying, "The climate is changing; I don’t think anybody can argue it’s not."

Of course the climate is changing!  It's called weather.  And Jeb is supposed to be the smart Bush?

"Human activity has contributed to it," Bush said in an email interview with Bloomberg BNA.

This is an amazing statement, since there has been no global warming in 17 years.  Also, the supposed mechanism that produces global warming, carbon dioxide, is 97% produced by the environment, not human activity.

But let's get past scientific facts.  After all, as Jeb might say, he isn't a scientist; he's only a Bush!

Let's remember that Bush wants to allow the illegal aliens who are here to stay.  When tens of millions of people from an impoverished lifestyle where they have a small carbon footprint come to America, what do you think happens?  They use more electricity.  They consume more goods made with electricity.  They drive automobiles (sometimes drunk and sometimes into citizens, but thankfully that does not increase global warming).  Now multiply that by the twenty or thirty million illegal aliens estimated to be in America.  That's an enormous increase in the use of electricity and an equally enormous increase in industrial production that creates the dreaded carbon dioxide (which plants, and eventually people, need to survive, but never mind that, either).

The point is that if Jeb really believes this global warming fiction, then bringing in illegals isn't an act of love; it's an act of putting wood on the fire.

And I think he wants more of it.  Sounds crazy?  Just think of all the Mexicans who move to New York.  The Salvadorans who go to Philadelphia.  The Dominicans who move to Long Island.  They are used to hot climates.  But the winters are quite cold.

So what is Jeb doing?  I think he is trying to terraform the environment of America to make it more suitable for illegal aliens.  Terraforming is a concept where hostile environments are changed so that they can be more suitable to colonization.  If Jeb really believes in global warming, he probably wants Boston to have the same weather as San Salvador, New York to have the same weather as Managua, and Seattle to have the same temperatures as Belmopan.  Just as our language and culture are being changed to suit our new instant citizens, so is our weather.

Can  you think of any other reason a person might support illegal immigration and the global warming myth at the same time?

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