Born this way?

Yesterday’s AT blog post about the Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ youth saddened me.  Children in middle school learning about hormone treatments and how to sew fake testicles into clothing?

The left has a long history of trying to erase or at a minimum blur the lines of what distinguishes men from women, claiming there are no differences between the genders.  So it’s confusing why gender identity now dominates the media.  If gender is irrelevant, oppressive, and unnecessary, why are there over fifty choices with which to identify it?

I was born and remain a female.  As a child, I did not play with dolls, preferring trucks in the mud.  I abhorred anything girlie-girl, thought dodgeball ruled, played and fought with the boys.  It was easier for me to relate to boys than girls, and I fit in better.  In middle school, I was the first female to take wood shop – not because I wanted to prove anything, but because I was more interested in woodworking than I was in home economics.

But there was never any confusion as to who I was.  It never occurred to me to consider that nature had erred and trapped a boy in a girl’s body; I loved and still love being a girl.  I’m thankful I was born female, but I am more thankful that I didn’t have overreacting liberals for parents and teachers.  The moment I started exhibiting less than female traits, they would have rushed me off to the gender reassignment camp.

We needn’t accept narrow definitions as to what it means to be male or female.  We are born the right way, with the right body, soul, and mind intended for each of us.  Fusing those three elements and achieving the proper balance within the constructs of being true to oneself and one’s societal expectations are part of life – something we should embrace and celebrate, not reject and challenge.

I remember a conversation I had with an ardent feminist some time ago.  She said the feminist plan was to convert as many people into homosexuality as possible and sexually confuse the rest, the logic being that homosexuals are less aggressive, less hostile, and more tolerant.  Once we rid the world of male aggression via sexual confusion, a kinder, gentler world would emerge.  At the time, I discounted her ramblings as typical angry feminist rhetoric, but the more I see where we are going with creating so much gender confusion, the more I wonder.

What these people are doing to children is not only shameful, but criminal.  Children and more specifically young adults experience emotional and physical changes that come with being an adolescent and growing into adulthood; they don’t need adults compounding those difficulties.  They should be planting the seeds of health, happiness and prosperity, not seeds of destruction.

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