Black university professor fired for brazenly racist tweets

Zandria Robinson, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Memphis, has been fired by the school for a series of tweets that have to be read to be believed.

Washington Times:

The professor first raised ire when she wrote Wednesday to her 2,820 followers that the Confederate flag is “more than a symbol of white racial superiority. It is the ultimate symbol of white heteropatriarchal capitalism.”

“The flag thus is a direct symbol of race, class, gender, & sexuality oppression. We need a more nuanced intersectional reading of the thing,” Ms. Robinson added. “This isn’t to say that the American flag does not represent such things, but the confederate flag only represents those things for whites.

“I’ve been working w teens this summer & it has been a surreal experience talking to them (& the 12-yr-old at home) about being under attack,” she tweeted Friday. “Like, this is a daily part of our lives. We don’t accept it. We *don’t*. But we alive now. We push back. We write. We laugh. We twerk. Hard.

“Whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror,” she added.

Ms. Robinson also retweeted a message that stated: “[W]hite supremacy lives with or without the confederate flag. [Expletive] the USA flag stands for the same thing as the confederate flag.”

“White folks think that if they are nice to you they are above a critique of whiteness, white supremacy, or structural racism. #cueviolins,” Ms. Robinson wrote Monday.

“I’m not racist. I have a white friend,” she joked after Twitter users accused her of racism.

Ms. Robinson describes herself on her Twitter profile as a “Dirty South black feminist sociologist,” “Some babies’ mama,” and “Negressdamus.”

Campus Reform reports that the assistant professor threatened in a Facebook post earlier this year that she would “come for” any white student who believed black students were given preferential treatment when applying to graduate schools. She has since removed public access to her Facebook account.

The professor said earlier this month that she expects “death and rape threats” because, “those are the ultimate expressions of love from conservative whites these day.”

Anyone who uses the phrase "white heteropatriarchal capitalism" is either parodying academic-speak or completely delusional.

I'm sure just about every college has a Zandria Robinson polluting the minds of young people with racialist nonsense like this.  Their hate is tolerated because of "academic freedom."  It's good to see the University of Memphis take quick and decisive action in firing the professor.

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