Big 3 broadcast nets deep-six Obama's suburb-busting plan

The Democrat-Media Complex have just told us what they fear the most as an issue in the 2016 election: President Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform” suburbia (as explained today by Jeannie DeAngelis).  This is an issue that literally hits voters where they live, by using the denial of federal funding to override local control and force communities to provide low-income housing distributed to approved minority groups.

Investor’s Business Daily reports that all three broadcast networks ignored the story that affects their viewers more directly than almost any other issue.

The Big Three news networks all punted on covering one of the Obama regime's most radical policies: new rules forcing cities to redraw the racial makeup of suburban neighborhoods. Why the hush-up? Politics.

ABC, CBS and NBC refused to cover the administration's official unveiling of a policy as ambitious and politically radioactive as its socialized medicine scheme.

Our mainstream media increasingly resemble the old Soviet Union’s state-controlled media, which used to feature stories of heroic workers busting production quotas and young pioneers (the Boy Scout equivalent) bringing food to shut-ins, instead of real news of the outside world.

"Instead of mentioning this expansion of the federal government, the CBS Evening News devoted a news brief to viral video of a ground trap blowing wildly in a rain delay during Tuesday night's Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game," NewsBusters noted.

ABC's World News Tonight, meanwhile, devoted one segment to the announcement that Taco Bell will start home delivery.

The Obama administration is simultaneously targeting grievance industry activists to join in burb-busting effort through lawsuits, while keeping the silent majority unaware of what is going on until it is too late:

After President Obama in his Saturday radio address encouraged civil-rights activists to join HUD in enforcing the new rule to bring more Section 8 housing to the suburbs — "Now you'll have the data you need to make the case" — the networks still weren't interested in the story.

On their Sunday news shows, the Big Three networks all ignored the issue again, focusing instead on socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the sequel to "To Kill a Mockingbird," which recasts protagonist Atticus Finch as a racist.

The gamble is that low-information voters simply will not notice.  And that gamble will pay off only if GOP candidates for president refuse to bring up the issue, fearful of offending minorities, and if social media remain silent.  I think that gamble will not pay off, since all that is necessary is for Hillary Clinton and her rumored running mate, HUD Secretary Julián Castro (who is in charge of enforcing the regulations) to be confronted with the program and asked if they support overriding local control of zoning to enforce quotas on housing.

This is an issue that transcends the usual political divide, with an overwhelming percentage of even Democrats in opposition.  My own neighborhood in ultra-left Berkeley, California demonstrated that over ten years ago, when a large lot of vacant land in the Berkeley Hills came up for sale.  Local housing activists demanded that public housing be constructed on the site, making the argument that panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay shouldn’t be reserved only for rich people.  The fate of the property was the subject of considerable local debate, including city council sessions.  The rich liberals of the neighborhood rose up in opposition, pointing out the limited public transit, and other reasons why poor people wouldn’t really like it up in the hills.  Of course, nobody mentioned the worries over burglaries and street crime, at least not in public.

Lo and behold, ultra-left Berkeley decided that it would be better, after all, to sell the lot to the highest bidder, who in turn sandwiched four town houses onto the property.  One of them sold just last month, for $1.9 million.

There is a sinister poltical motive behind the plan, one our own Ed Lasky first pointed out last year, and elaborated upon this year.  First comes immigration, legal and illegal.  Then comes amnesty.  Then comes forcing newcomers into GOP-held congressional districts, so as to swing them to Democrats.  Then comes permanent Democrat control of Congress and the Oval Office, and the utopia of statism, with the government in control of every aspect of our lives.

It’s happening, people, and your neighborhood has a bulls-eye on it.  Say “Salaam” to your new neighbors from the Middle East.

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