A gentle reminder why Rick Perry is totally unsuited to be the GOP nominee

Rick Perry was asked what he thought of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner's performance. At first, he criticized them:

Well, obviously, I think they’re doing a poor job of, uh, making Americans believe that they can actually make Congress work and work with the president. Now part of that is the president’s problem, and I think — one of the things I learned as governor is you’ve got to reach out across the party lines. I’d rather have half a loaf than no loaf, and right now we’re getting a lot of no loaf. Matter of fact, we’re not even getting a slice, at this particular point in time. So… a president that actually wants to work with Congress, and I think Congress has to cross that line too.

But then, he praised them:

I think they’re working towards a… [pause] getting some [pause]… getting some [pause]… um, financial things headed in the right direction. Making some, you know, reductions in spending. Getting these agencies, but the fact is that the American people don’t really see Washington, whether it’s Congress or whether it’s the president… [pause] addressing the solutions that are facing this country.

The Congress is getting "financial things" in the "right direction"? Making "reductions in spending"? That's news to me, and to millions of Americans who follow the news every day.

Rick Perry fumbled the last time he ran for President on a softball question, when he couldn't even name the three federal departments he claimed he wanted to abolish. As you can see from the above, he's inarticulate, and we can't nominate another inarticulate nominee. That alone I think clearly disqualifies him.

But Rick Perry has just revealed a bigger problem. He's not merely inarticulate. He's also dangerously ignorant. On such an obvious issue as fiscal responsibility, he seems to be completely unaware that the Republican Congress has given Obama complete autonomy on budgetary issues. Where has Rick Perry been for the past five years? Hasn't he picked up a newspaper? It's like he just came back from a five year trip to Mars and has to be told who's president.

I think Perry should retire. Perhaps he can help clear brush from George W. Bush's ranch. Or maybe he can pose for some of Bush's paintings,  Or maybe he can teach at that illegal alien university he created, if his Spanish is good enough. But he has no place in a competitive presidential primary.

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