A few new questions for Obama

As we know, Governor Huckabee has caused a bit of an uproar for bringing the Holocaust and Hitler into the political conversation.  My guess is that Mr. Huckabee could have said thing differently, but his point about a naive foreign policy is correct.  He is also right about Iran's commitment to the destruction of Israel.  Google "Iran wants to destroy Israel," and you will spend hours reading how the Iranian regime is bent on eliminating the Jewish state.

GOP candidates have been asked about the comments on the campaign trail.  Even President Obama got a question about it in a press conference in Africa. 

I'm OK with the question, but not the selective indignation of the media. 

For example, did President Obama get a question about the Planned Parenthood videos?  I'd be interested in hearing his reactions to these repulsive videos that treat babies like auto parts.  Does he think that laws were broken or that the organization should continue to get public funds?  Does he support late-term abortion? 

Did he get a question about the performance at a recent meeting where two Democrats were shouted down?  Does he agree with the behavior of the crowd?  What lives matter to the president?  Does he see divisions in his party?  What does he think of people who insult speakers and take over the stage?

Finally, what about recent reports regarding Secretary Clinton and classified information?  Is President Obama concerned that his conversations, or even schedule, were compromised because of a private server?  

Maybe he will get one of these questions at the next conference, whenever that is.  Nevertheless, the media bias argument gets stronger by the day.

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