A couple of reasons why Hillary is not Evita

The latest theory going around is that Hillary wants to be Evita, a reference to the charismatic first lady Evita Perón of Argentina, who died from cancer in 1951.

It comes from W. James Antle III:

“Hillary Clinton has a strategy for dealing with the media: play Evita. The former first lady, secretary of State and New York senator doesn’t have time for the Fourth Estate because she is a woman of the people.

“I’m not running my campaign for the press,” she told CNN in a rare interview Tuesday.

“I’m running it for voters.””

It is true that Evita Perón took her case to the people directly.  She would often say that she was doing it for them.

By coincidence, she also created a foundation that helped many people with loans and other assistance.  By the way, Evita's foundation was also the subject of corruption charges, such as people saying that donations to Evita's causes were meant to create access to the president.

Evita and Hillary are very different in two significant ways:

1) Evita didn't really avoid the press, although we must be reminded that we are talking about the late 1940s when print media and radio dominated Argentina. Nevertheless, Evita was the darling of much of the press because of her fashionable style and charm. She had Jackie Kennedy’s elegance with Sarah Palin’s energy; and,

2) Evita was a fantastic campaigner as her critics had to admit. She was the one in the family with the "people skills". President Peron gladly stood aside and let her connect with voters, specially the women who were getting active in politics for the first time.

In simple terms, you could say that Evita was President Perón's magic card.  Many historians will tell you that people voted for her through her husband.

In the Evita movie, there is a segment known as “Rainbow High” where she dresses up and meets the masses.  Of course, it is a movie.  It is also a very accurate review of her ability as a personality.

The crowds loved her.  You cannot say that about Hillary.  Just ask the thousands showing up at Sanders’s rallies!

Last, but not least, Hillary Clinton has more in common with Cristina Fernandez, the tone-deaf incumbent who succeeded her husband, Nestor Kirchner, who died a few years ago. 

We are talking about the President Fernandez who has created an uproar with the Jewish population with a stupid reference to The Merchant of Venice.

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