Windmills and solar plants kill hundreds of times more birds than oil spills

Along with polar bears in ice floes drifting out to sea, a favorite image of the greenies is oil-soaked birds, flung before us every time there is an oil spill, even one so minor that the media expresses it in gallons, not barrels of oil in order to make it seem large-scale.  The recent pipeline spill at Refugio State beach in California sounded much worse as 100,000 gallons than 2,380 barrels.  And pictures of oil-soaked birds were ubiquitous. Why, you’d think that getting our power from oil is the worst thing that could happen to our avian friends.  But Kerry Jackson, writing at Investor’s Business Daily, brings some important perspective to energy choices and bird survival. It turns our that greenies have a lot of bird blood on their hands: In latest U.S. oil spill off the coast of California, 161 birds died, as of the most recent count. Now, compare this toll to the damage wrought by wind and solar power. Estimates for bird deaths by...(Read Full Post)