Who's the fool in the latest J Street poll?

It appears that another extension is being made available to Iran as regards ongoing nuclear “discussions” quite soon after the West – including the lead of the negotiating team – said there would not be another extension.

At this point, why not just build the nuclear warhead for them and call it a day?  Why not save the taxpayer-funded negotiations from the charade?

Because the negotiators enjoy their taxpayer funded first class hotels and world class meals.  Because the world loves charades.  And court jesters.  And fools.

When mentioning fools, one must surely not omit the dubious organization making dubious claims, based on dubious polls, with even more dubious disclaimers.  J Street continues to make claims that American Jews overwhelmingly support Obama and the White House in their stance and negotiations with the Iranians as regards their nuclear program.

Regardless, the greatest danger is faced not by the United States, but by Israel – openly threatened by the ayatollahs and within shooting distance of ballistic missiles Iran is producing and procuring additional expertise for at this very moment.

Additionally, the glaring issue with polls such as J Street’s recent one – where they posit these conclusions – are flawed data and disclaimers.  Take for example (emphases added):

  • GBA Strategies contracted the research company Mountain West Research Center to administer the survey by email invitation to its web-based panel, which is regularly updated and consists of nearly 900,000 Americans.
  • Respondents were screened at the beginning of the survey when they were first asked for their religion and then, if they did not identify themselves as Jewish by religion, they were asked again if they considered themselves Jewish.

So, basically, I could be a Mormon preacher, a member of the Mujahideen, or a 10-year-old agnostic and take this poll via an e-mail link and “claim” to be Jewish.  No oversight or ability to confirm identity, location, nationality, religion, age, sex, or political allegiance is confirmed or even possible here.  No actual Jewish affiliation of lineage required.

And let’s say the poll is accurate by some miracle of biblical proportions.  Even in that case, Jews also can be fools.

If the United States and EU governments and the secretary-general of the U.N., including many U.N. agencies, claim that Israel is foolish and irresponsible in her actions as regards security and safety and in firefights with a group of terrorists named Hamas – are Jews in America immune to such foolishness?

Clearly not.  J Street’s delusional solution to the “Middle East conflict”?  Claiming widespread support among American Jews for a two states for two peoples.

The “fog of war” clearly clouds the minds of those reaping immense financial fortune.  The “Middle East conflict” – rather, crisis – is raging from Syria to Iraq, Lebanon to Libya, Yemen to Egypt, Turkey to Iran.

Tracing the policies of Western nations, tracing the polls of organizations pretending to speak for large swaths of people, and tracing the sound bites of fools will reveal fool’s gold in the form of Iranian-funded campaigns to procure media influence, bias, and support for their nuclear warhead and threat to all.

Surely the court jester must continue their charade, and act the fool, to the delight of the ayatollahs.

While the world watches on in delight and applause, acting the ignorant fools themselves.

But an Iranian nuclear warhead will not help create a two-state solution.  It will stifle any such solution.

An Iranian nuclear warhead will not “change the balance” of power in the Middle East; it will escalate the pursuit of such armament.

An Iranian nuclear warhead will not deter Israel from action; it will be Israel’s catalyst for action.

An Iranian nuclear warhead will not be detonated; it will be pre-empted before it can be realized.

The question remains: will Israel attack Iran, if required?

And the jesters, the fools, the pollsters continue to laugh and dance and carry on.  While stealing money from our pockets.

Have we become the fools?