What do LGBT issues have to do with opening markets for U.S. products?

Wonder why so many of us just don't trust President Obama?  Let's look at what his administration is saying about TPP, or the latest free trade agreement under review:

In an op-ed at The Advocate.com, which also ran at White House.gov, the eight openly gay U.S. representatives abroad say “trade policy” is one of the “most promising tools” to advance the meme that the LGBT agenda is the agenda that expresses America’s “values.”

The op-ed’s authors state that they are already promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) abroad.

“In speaking about these agreements, we often use the word ‘values,’” they write. “We promote transparency, public participation, accountability and the rule of law, and we advocate for our host countries to join us in setting the global standard.”

So what else are we going to promote with free trade agreements?  Are we going to promote the Ten Commandments?

This is why so many of us are concerned about this agreement.

Free trade agreements are about commerce, such as "we sell and you buy," or vice versa.  These agreements are no way of preaching any of our values to the world, whether it's our Judeo-Christian heritage or LGBT values.

Frankly, most countries will come around at their own pace.  For example, the Mexico Supreme Court just approved same-sex marriage.  Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil also allow it.  The U.S. has a case before the Supreme Court that may decide the issue here.

The bottom line is that the promotion of an LGBT agenda makes this something other than a free trade agreement.    

The TPP has a lot of potential.  It will open markets for U.S. companies.  It should have been handled better by President Obama, as this IBD editorial tells us.   

The TPP also reminds us that all of this secrecy in so-called comprehensive solutions often get away from the subject, whether it's free trade or health care.

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