Univision keeping the lid on Democrats' coalition of victims

One key to the future viability of the Democratic Party is suppressing the serious conflicts of interest between its black and Hispanic constituents.  The influx of 12 to 16 million mostly low-skilled labor force entrants across the southern border has driven down wages and employment opportunities for blacks.  The single most effective means to raising incomes for those who sell low-skill labor would be to close the border and repatriate those who violated our laws in coming here.

But Democrats need the votes of both blacks and Hispanics to sustain their coalition of purported victims, those needing to appropriate the income earned by others through welfare and redistribution programs in order to enjoy what they consider an acceptable lifestyle.  So any consciousness among blacks that the influx of Hispanics is costing them opportunities must be suppressed.  Along with the demonization of Republicans and conservatives, the suppression of class conflict between those two groups is the top propaganda priority of the Democrats and their media/cultural/academic establishment allies.

A giant step forward in the ongoing suppression of this realization was taken almost two weeks ago:

Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, today announced that it has acquired The Root, the leading online news, opinion and culture destination for African-Americans. In joining UCI, The Root will leverage UCI's extensive digital production facilities and publishing infrastructure, while its editorial team will retain its voice and stay true to its mission, which has made it successful throughout its history.

“This game-changing union strengthens our ability to fulfill our shared missions of informing and empowering our communities.”

“This bold new partnership between Univision and The Root underscores the ties that have long bound people of color together throughout the Western Hemisphere and is a sign of even greater levels of communication, collaboration and exchange between these culturally vital groups of people,” said Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University and chairman of The Root, who co-founded The Root along with Donald Graham, CEO and chairman of Graham Holdings Company, in January of 2008.

Henry Louis Gates, aka “Skip,” is, of course, a close personal friend of President Obama.  Gates’s arrest by the Cambridge Police led to the “beer summit” propaganda execise.  Gates is also a leading, perhaps the leading black intellectual in the left cultural establishment.  He is now going to become a wealthy man by selling his founders’ shares in The Root to a business enterprise founded on servicing the needs of the Spanish-speaking American market.  Assimilation of Spanish-speakers into the English-language marketplace is of course anathema to Univision, which thrives on a separatist culture, with bilingualism an essential element to its future prosperity.

There is now very little danger that The Root, which is highly influential in shaping African-American opinions, will pay any attention at all to the price that blacks pay for high levels of illegal immigration.

Nicely done, gentlemen!  Gates and Graham rich; Univision thrives; the Democratic Party continues to pretend it has the interests of African-Americans at heart; and blacks continue to get squeezed out of the low-skill labor markets but are in no danger of catching on.  

Oh, and nobody else is likely to catch on, either, except for a few conservatives who will never get a hearing from the blacks who need to realize why their suffering brings prosperity, power, and honor to Democrats and their lackeys.

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