The danger of Obama ennui

Like most new presidents, Barrack Hussein Obama came into the White House unprepared to lead the country.  As they ease into their presidencies, new presidents acquire a better feeling for the pitfalls they face and how best to move the country forward carefully and cautiously.

But unlike most new presidents, Mr. Obama began, from day one, to operate as if he were omniscient and unchecked by any constitutional or legal provision, including the Constitution itself.  The arrogance was, and continues to be, astonishing.  Mr. Obama believed – and still believes – that he is entitled to wield power like a monarch.  Over time, his self-anointed power trip has astonished conservatives as well as many of the liberal persuasion.  The saving grace has always been the 8-year term limit imposed by the Constitution.  In essence, like a bad case of the flu, we all told ourselves to just hang on and we would feel better once Obama went away. 

Concurrent with suffering through his narcissism, we grew tired of the man.  Once we came to understand Mr. Obama’s mantra of I didn’t do it and I’ll never do it again, nothing surprises us anymore.  The French word for this boredom is “ennui.”  We have developed a severe case of “presidential ennui.”

We are bored with him looking into the cameras and lying to us about keeping our health plans and our doctors.  We have tired of him asserting there was no misconduct in his administration as they targeted conservative organizations and usurp environmental power.  His endless rants about climate change being our number-one security threat have morphed into monotones.  Blaming cartoons and American bias against Islam is his chief explanation for terrorist attacks on our citizens and diplomats.  On and on, Obama dribbles out feckless speeches decrying the sins of Western culture and extolling the path he is opening toward a New World Order.

Yes, we are weary of Mr. Obama.  But we should make no mistake about the continued threat he poses.  As with a bad case of flu, if we do not focus our attention on the illness, we risk permanent damage.  The Iran nuclear disarmament deal will place us – and all in the Western world – in great jeopardy.  His trans-Pacific trade pact will, no doubt, lock us into commitments that hamstring American commerce and create long-term political embarrassments for the U.S.  Who among us did not utter a sigh of relief when the federal court stepped in and halted his illegal immigration executive actions?  But that court action has not impacted Obama’s zeal for “fundamentally changing America.” 

No, America, in the final months of the Obama disease, we risk great additional damage to our way of life, our national security, and our sovereignty.  We are redirecting our attention to the possibilities of a replacement for Obama in the 2016 elections.  Meanwhile, Obama continues to chip away at the fabric of American culture and freedom.  Federal spending still continues at death-wish levels; our great ally, Israel, gets increasingly marginalized; ISIS moves ever forward to gain more control over the Middle East.

We cannot allow our ennui with Barack Hussein Obama and his thug administration to provide a smokescreen for what Obama still has in the works.  Our dysfunctional Congress has stepped back from aggressively opposing the Obama agenda.  They wish to be “liked” as we approach the political votes coming in 2016.

But, we, as Americans, cannot allow boredom to lower our guard against further damage from this president.