Take down the Confederate flag

See also: Keep the Confederate Flag Flying

I have lived in South Carolina for ten years.  People of different races treat each other here with more consideration and humanity than anywhere I have ever seen.  It is not the self-conscious, patronizing sycophancy of the left; it is a genuine sense of shared faith and destiny.

To honor this great achievement of agape, South Carolina needs to remove the rebel flag.

The Confederate flag should be removed not because it represents racism.  It should be removed because it represents defeat.  The flag of Great Britain does not fly over any public building in America, because the British lost the Revolutionary War.  They are a great nation with a great history, but their flag cannot symbolize the United States at all.  The American flag evokes freedom for some, and oppression to others, but it is the symbol of a living nation.  The Confederate flag symbolizes valor to some, racism to others.  But as a psychological and historical verity, it cannot symbolize any place that exists, nor any person who lives, today.   It does not evoke the living.  Let the dead bury the dead, and let the Confederate flag be enshrined with the heroes of the past.

The people of South Carolina have been heroic in their efforts to eradicate racism.  It is time to cleanse the vestiges of defeat, which are always bitter.  Denying the present reality saps strength.  The full courage of the people of South Carolina may be called upon again to stand against tyranny.  That courage should not be spent on musty pride, but gathered up for the future demands of freedom.