Supremes: citizenship not necessary for voter registration

In a commonsense decision, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a case that decided that people registering to vote in federal election don't have to prove their citizenship.  That means that people registering to vote won't be bullied into proving citizenship, which now seems to be an irrelevant criterion for voting.

“I am very pleased, obviously,” said Dolores Furtado, president of the Kansas chapter of the League of Women Voters. “It’s a good feeling because we’re truly trying to help” people get registered to vote.

Furtado said the league’s main interest is in increasing participation in the democratic process “rather than trying to make more hoops, more steps, to go through.”

I agree with Furtado.  How fair is it when some of the people in America are allowed to vote and some are not?  We should all be allowed to vote.  The League of Women Voters is especially concerned about this, because many women in the U.S. from Mexico, Nicaragua, Syria, and Iraq don't currently enjoy the right to vote as American women do.  But women are women; they all have the same body parts and according to the liberals the same political views, so why shouldn't all of them be allowed to vote?

But where is the League of Men Voters on this?  Illegal aliens are sometimes men, too.  Who is to speak for them?

And why isn't there yet a League of Transgendered Voters?  Who will speak for the tens of people who have no voice?

As for me, I find this decision quite exciting. Why should people registering to vote have to prove anything?  Why should they have to even prove their identity?  Why can't they register their children to vote, or their dog or cat or pet rock or whatever?  Sure, you could make someone prove he's an adult, and hasn't registered elsewhere, but wouldn't that be too much hoop-jumping?

Come to think of it, don't people have to go through a lot of "hoops" to go to a voting place every election?  Why can't we simply vote on a website, like an online poll?  People wouldn't have to identify themselves to vote, and they could be trusted to vote only once.  Software would not be employed to eliminate bots that would click over and over, because that would be too discriminatory, too.

Exit question: If the integrity of the voting process is destroyed, what remains of our country?

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