Study: TV depicts working-class fathers less able than middle-class dads

An interesting study with Father's Day approaching shows that television sitcoms depict working-class fathers less favorably than middle-class fathers. Washington Times: An analysis of 13 fathers  in 12 recent TV sitcoms and their 699 interactions with their minor children showed that working-class fathers continued to be depicted less positively than middle-class fathers, said study author Jessica Troilo, assistant professor of child development and family studies at West Virginia University. This follows the kind of pattern seen, wherein TV working-class fathers are typified as “kind of bumbling” and “incapable,” compared to middle-class fathers, Ms. Troilo said. Her study also showed that sitcom dads differed by network, with ABC, CW and cable shows showing the most dad-friendly behaviors, and CBS most likely to have snarky dads. Moreover, the one gay father studied was found to be overwhelmingly...(Read Full Post)