Scandal-Ridden Mayor Hosts Ben Carson in Sacramento

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s past is riddled with misuse of federal funds, fines, serious allegations of  sexual misconduct with minors, and more recently failing to file timely reports in 25 cases of donations made to non-profits.

But that didn't stop presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson from appearing with Johnson at the Guild Theater this past Monday. Carson was a featured speaker at the mayor's black empowerment forum, Indivizible.  Johnson launched  Indivizible in 2011 to “ensure the African-American community becomes one of the most powerful political and economic forces in our country."

The former NBA point guard is a power player who counts the Obamas as close friends. After investigating Johnson for ripping off Americorps funds to the tune of $845,018.75 in 2008, Gerald Walpin, an inspector general for the agency which oversees Americorps,  referred Johnson for  "criminal and civil prosecution" to the local U.S. Attorney.  Walpin was promptly fired by President Obama for his trouble while 'KJ' went on to become the 72nd President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

The sexual abuse accusations against Johnson go back to 1995 and extend up to 2006-2007, shortly before his mayoral campaign in 2008. Walpin's report included allegations of sexual assault from students at Johnson's St. HOPE charter school. In 2007 Michelle Rhee, DC's former school superintendent and stealth Common Core instigator, ran interference for her then fiancée, asking Walpin to go easy on him. Rhee married Johnson in 2011 and in 2014 was named chairwoman of the board at St. HOPE Public Schools , an organization founded by her husband.

Interestingly, another lingering sex scandal involving Johnson was resolved shortly before Carson's appearance on June 15.

This time an executive aid to the city manager filed a formal discrimination complaint against the mayor in 2014 citing multiple incidents of sexual harassment . Johnson answered these charges much like the others, they “never happened.” (see video)  City officials found the claim “insufficient” and rejected the 32-year old female's account.  The woman's  attorney filed another complaint in April of 2015 seeking $200,000 in damages. When contacted by reporters in May, 2015 regarding the status of the most recent claim, the mayor's office issued a statement on behalf of the alleged victim's attorney indicating she was "satisfied with the conclusion of this matter."

The City's Attorney office declined to say whether the accuser was paid off but it’s a distinct possibility. The Phoenix New Times reported in 1997 Johnson paid his underage alleged victim $230,000. During the course of Walpin's Americorps fraud investigation, a school official at St. HOPE told the IG a female volunteer accusing Johnson of improper sexual advances was offered $1,000 a month.

So with all of Johnson's baggage why would Carson risk his own political ambitions to hobnob with a corruptocrat mayor? What does it gain Carson to have a scandal-ridden wheeler dealer and alleged sexual predator like Johnson fawn all over him?

According to the  Sacramento Bee Johnson laid it on thick and Carson lapped it up:

“Look how smooth he looks now,” Johnson said to laughter, comparing Carson to the actor who played Lando Calrissian in “Star Wars.”

“Man, he’s smooth. He got a little Billy Dee (Williams) in him,” he added to more laughter, including from Carson.

“Our goal should be the best that we can be. And when you strive for excellence, and you become excellent, nobody ever cares where you’re from or what you look like or the color of your skin,” Johnson told the crowd of about 325 people at his Indivizible African-American empowerment organization.

“And the person that to me best represented that was Dr. Ben Carson.”

When Johnson brought up Dr.Carson's comparison of Obamacare to slavery in 2013, calling the statement ‘disrespectful,' the candidate sounded uncharacteristically politically correct, telling his host he had recently cut down on his "inflammatory” rhetoric.

If Carson wants the conservative vote pandering to Obama's West Coast surrogate is a strange way to show it.

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