Proof that some people can be offended by anything

I suspect that somewhere, there is a top-secret organization that does nothing all day but look for innovative and novel ways that society offends one group or another.

How else do you explain this?

CBS Pittsburgh:

The Port Authority is looking into bus slogans that some are calling offensive.

Officials say they’ve recently received complaints that one of its slogans, “Ziggin Zaggin,” is offensive when read backwards, seeming to spell out a racial slur.

Are you kidding me?  Backwards? 

Jim Ritchie with the Port Authority says they will remove the messages from buses.

“… due to recent complaints about how this message appears when read backward, we have decided to remove the message from our vehicles,” he said. “This will take us several days to properly remove. We apologize to anyone who may have been offended.”

A few days ago, a driver complained after seeing the slogan on a bus in her rearview mirror. She says it spells out a racial slur when read backwards.

“In terms of the message being offensive it’s not a surprise at all. It’s a very serious and hurtful and offensive message. We felt the best thing to do was simply take it off,” Port Authority Spokesperson Jim Ritchie said.

The Port Authority says this slogan has been wrapped around nine buses since 2003. This is the first time anyone has ever complained about it. It was part of a marketing campaign that comprised of six different slogans like “Rockin’ Rollin’” and “Movin’ Groovin’.”

Let me get this straight.  The messages on the bus have been in use for 12, years and someone is offended by them just now?

“It may be an overreaction, but I can see where some people would be offended,” Cynthia Sharkey, of Moon Township, said.

“I don’t think it’s really a racial slur or anything,” Benjamin Dixon, of Homewood, said.

Of course it's not a racial slur.  If it had been, someone would have said something 12 years ago when the slogan first appeared.  And no, I can't see where any rational, reasonable adult would be offended by it. 

This is not an "overreaction."  The reaction is measured, planned, and carefully thought out.  It is an attempt to exercise power and nothing else.  It bears no resemblance to reality.  No definition of "offense" exists in the English language to describe the slogan in racial or any other terms.

The controversy brings to mind the incident that occurred in the Washington, D.C. city council a few years ago when a white member of the mayor's staff used the word "niggardly" to describe spending on a budget item.  Immediately, black members demanded an apology and the aide's termination.  The mayor fired his staffer, only to rehire him a few days later when the enormity of the stupidty involved in the firing of the aide became a national issue.

Hey!  Did you know that "dog" spelled backwards is "god"?  Christians should be offended any time the word "dog" is used in Western media.  Imagine, connecting a dog to God!  It's insulting of Christian beliefs, and Christians should demand the immediate cessation of the word "dog" in Western media.