PBS gives lesson plan for gay marriage constitutional amendment and despotism

PBS has a section with “News for Students and Teacher Resources 7–12 Grade Level.” Today’s lesson plan, children, is about “Constitutional amendments and same-sex marriage.” The lesson plan written by a social studies teacher and published by PBS gives “one to two class periods, plus extended activities” about amending the Constitution – not neutrally or generally, but specifically for same-sex marriage. Teaching materials include the progressive, biased New York Times, and no other news source: “Have the students analyze The New York Times recent headlines on same-sex marriage and respond to the following questions. The questions might be addressed in the form of an essay, through an oral presentation or by a graphic representation.” Oh, and if you are as worried as I about how the Fourth Amendment will be abused for Orwellian, thuggish, and despotic purposes against religious liberty, the lesson...(Read Full Post)