PBS gives lesson plan for gay marriage constitutional amendment and despotism

PBS has a section with “News for Students and Teacher Resources 7–12 Grade Level.”

Today’s lesson plan, children, is about “Constitutional amendments and same-sex marriage.”

The lesson plan written by a social studies teacher and published by PBS gives “one to two class periods, plus extended activities” about amending the Constitution – not neutrally or generally, but specifically for same-sex marriage.

Teaching materials include the progressive, biased New York Times, and no other news source: “Have the students analyze The New York Times recent headlines on same-sex marriage and respond to the following questions. The questions might be addressed in the form of an essay, through an oral presentation or by a graphic representation.”

Oh, and if you are as worried as I about how the Fourth Amendment will be abused for Orwellian, thuggish, and despotic purposes against religious liberty, the lesson plan suggests this Bill of Right is too limited, and the executive branch may need even more power to conduct investigations and arrests:

The Fourth Amendment is often criticized because it can limit the investigative powers of law-enforcement officials. If you were to amend the Fourth Amendment, how might you grant the executive branch (which includes law enforcement) more latitude in how they conduct investigations and arrests?

Taxpayers are funding this teaching and encouragement of gay marriage fascism, and no longer just in the classrooms.

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