Obama to hit the water guzzling links in drought-stricken California

Palm Springs is one of those idyllic California communities that was created so that rich people would have a secluded place to play.  Restaurants, night clubs, tennis clubs are among the best in California, and it has some of the finest golf courses in the U.S. with some of the most beautiful layouts.

As long as there's enough water to keep them green.

Alas, such is not the case as a severe drought has struck California and Governor Jerry Brown has placed severe restrictions on water usage...for ordinary people.  But Palm Springs is not "ordinary" in any way, hence water usage there is off the charts.

While the rest of the state is parched, President Obama will play golf this weekend on courses that are still mostly green.

Washington Times:

While the White House is being tight-lipped about his schedule, Mr. Obama has been known to favor golf courses in the Palm Springs area, having visited the region four times in the past two years.
White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz said the president “may” play golf while there.
“In terms of any courses that the president may visit over the next few days, I know that many courses have taken water mitigation steps aimed at water conservation,” he told reporters.
Amid California’s four-year-long drought, the Palm Springs region has come under criticism as one of the state’s heaviest water users, consuming as much as 400 gallons per capita per day in the summer. Golf resorts are among the biggest water users, sucking up almost 37 billion gallons per year.
Gov. Jerry Brown has imposed water restrictions calling for cutbacks of 25 percent of consumption.

Mr. Schultz said the Obama administration “is committed to doing everything we can to help the farmers, ranchers, small businesses and communities facing the severe impacts of the historic drought.”

He said last week the administration announced more than $110 million in federal aid to support communities suffering from drought and to combat wildfires.

Of course, it's not like anything important is going on in the world for the president to take a little time off.  The nation is reeling from a horrific racist shooting in South Carolina, but nothing must stand in the way of our president's determination to polish his short game.

President Obama doesn't make the rules regarding water usage in California.  But how about setting an example by playing golf on a brown, dried out course?  Demonstrating a sensitivity for the yeoman Californian is more in keeping with republican virtue than partying with the rich and famous on lush, green fairways.

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