Now We Own It

I am not from the South. As such, I have no affinity for, or allegiance to the Confederate Battle Flag. I have no affinity for the flag also, because I’m not a racist.

In the past week, much has been said about the Confederate Battle Flag, not least of which that it was a prop used by Dylann Roof, as a symbol of his hate for the black race.

A week ago, I would have gladly engaged in a “reasoned debate” about the appropriateness of flying the flag over the South Carolina Statehouse. A month from now, I might be inclined to have this same said debate. But having this debate now is a mistake. Here’s why.

The Hard-Left (including Barack Obama) was quick to seize upon the tragedy at the Emanuel AME Church, in Charleston, South Carolina, to denounce guns, and to associate Dylann Roof with “the culture of racism” prevalent in this country, and to advance the already begun narrative about the oppression of Black persons [collectively], by White persons [collectively].

It is important to note, that the culture of racism that existed in our past, was perpetrated almost entirely by Democrats. The KKK was founded, shortly after the Slaves were emancipated by the first Republican President – Abraham Lincoln. This, I might note, was when the Confederate Flag was “adopted” by Southern Democrats, as a sign of rebellion against the broader society.

Cultural racism continued through Jim Crow (Democrats), and opposition to the Civil Rights Movement (Democrats). This history is mostly lost on our youth, because of their indoctrination in the academies, and popular culture.

Barack Obama, and the Progressive Left are today dividing Americans, across; Race, Class, Gender, Sexual Behavior, etc., etc., etc. They’ve created pockets of grievance, and are simultaneously stoking these grievances by picking at the scabs of discontent.

They, as they would insist are on the side of the aggrieved. Those opposed to their grievance mongering are bigots. Which brings us to the current debate about the Confederate Flag.

The Left has established the narrative that Dylann Roof was a racist, and on this, you’ll get no argument from me. Where I take offense, is the association that the Left has drawn to this nut, of “white persons” generally, and Southern white people, specifically.  

Unwittingly, by Nikki Haley providing a directive to take the flag down, she (and we, as Republicans) won’t get credit for the act, but will be linked (inaccurately) as having been associated with its negative history. We now own it.

I pray that we collectively survive this President, and his ilk. Racism was a blot on our nation’s past. We had worked through most of our issues with this, over time. I did not view “my neighbor” as anything other than my neighbor. My neighbor viewed me similarly. I would pray that my neighbor would continue to view me, as me, and not buy-in to the narrative being advanced of those who wish to divide.