N. Carolina GOP puts the lie to media stereotypes with its new chairman

Meet the new chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, Hasan Hartnett, age 39. He was an upset winner over Craig Collins, a lawyer who had been endorsed by the top Republican statewide office holders, at the recent North Carolina Republican State Convention. Collins was hurt by what appeared to be a bit too much of a coordinated, top down approach by Governor Pat McCrory and others.  No sooner had then chairman Claude Pope announced he wasn't seeking another term than the endorsements for the just-declared Collins came rolling in.  Hartnett had already announced he would challenge Pope and he wasn't about to defer to Collins.  Hartnett's support was anchored by the libertarian-leaning Republican Liberty Caucus.  Hartnett also worked overtime to get his win.  Harnett, a campaign manager for a 2014 congressional candidate and minority outreach director for the state GOP, had been in the race weeks before Pope's announcement. He...(Read Full Post)