Milwaukee Art Museum acquires portrait of Pope Benedict made out of condoms

Some religions are more equal than others.  When Pamela Geller organized the “Draw Mohammed” contest, she was widely denounced by the mainstream media.  The New York Times editorialized, “[T]he Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Tex., was not really about free speech. It was an exercise in bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom.”  So what does the Times editorial board think of this, from the proud Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Niki Johnson's portrait of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, fashioned from 17,000 colorful condoms, made news-of-the-weird headlines in countries around the globe two years ago.

Now, that artwork is getting a serious nod. It has been acquired by theMilwaukee Art Museum, where it will be displayed when the museum reopens its permanent collection galleries, which are closed for renovation and a top-to-bottom reorganization.

Johnson's artwork, called "Eggs Benedict," was inspired by the former pope's 2009 comments about condoms while in Africa. He suggested condom use could increase the spread of AIDS.

"Particularly when you see it from the back, it kind of makes you realize what a crazy medium it is, but also just how artists mix color," said Brady Roberts, the museum's chief curator.

"You can do that with paint or you can do it with condoms," he said. "She's figured it out, and that's what she is so good at, creating images and sculptures with these everyday objects."

While there are many artworks in MAM's collection that are internationally known, Johnson's is the first to have achieved "global fame via the Internet," Roberts said.

I guess it’s quite a coup for the museum to have such a globally famous work of art.  Milwaukee doesn't get a ton of respect from the smart set.  This puts the museum,which occupies a prominent lakefront site, on some people's maps of important arts institutions.

So why not purchase and exhibit next to the pope’s portrait one of the Draw Mohammed entrants – perhaps even the winner?

To ask the question is to answer it.  It is “brave” and “transgressive” to mock the former Pope, because the left hates the Catholic Church’s teachings on sex.  But even though Islam’s teachings on sex and women do not meet the left’s standards, they are silent.  Because Muslims are taught scripturally that it is perfectly fine to behead those who are enemies of Islam.

Violence is rewarded, and the turn-the-other-cheek teachings of Christ are open for mockery.  So what does that tell you about the left?

Hat tip: iOTW Report