Mike Flynn: a cool drink of water for America

Upon hearing the disheartening news that the Supreme Court twisted the law to rule in favor of Obamacare, my wife Mary said, “We need a cool drink of water.”  She was referring to a scene in the movie Ben-Hur.  Judah Ben-Hur was falsely accused of attempted murder.  He was shackled and marched through the desert to prison.  Succumbing to severe thirst and the desert sun, Judah collapsed, unable to take another step.  Jesus happened to be traveling by.  He knelt down and gave hopeless and exhausted Judah a drink of water.  Jesus's compassion and refreshing drink energized Judah to continue his journey.

Patriots, electing rock-solid conservative Mike Flynn, Republican for Illinois's 18th District, is a desperately needed refreshing drink of water that will impact our entire nation – energizing patriots to continue fighting to restore our country. 

The cultural traditions and values that have made us great are under assault like never before.  Suddenly, we are demanded, first by the attack-dog liberal media and now by government, to embrace behaviors against our conscience and faith.  Process that for a moment, folks: government-mandated sensitivity training to get our heads right, according to the left. 

Our best offense against leftist aggressors is replacing Democrats and RINOs with courageous conservative fighters, bold defenders of our Constitution like Mike Flynn.  Flynn will provide desperately needed in-your-face, we-the-people opposition to House majority betrayer John Boehner.  For this reason, the GOP is pulling out all the stops, resorting to dirty tricks to stop Flynn in the special election. 

Patriots, we scored a major victory for conservatism and America by successfully installing fearless conservative Dave Brat in Congress.  Mike Flynn is cut from the same cloth.  As a family of Americans who love our country, let's work together to push Mike over the top in the July 7 special election.  Give, make phone calls, wave signs – do whatever you can. 

An 18-year-old relative said she would be traveling through Keystone, South Dakota.  I suggested that she visit Mount Rushmore.  To my horror, she sternly replied, “I wouldn't even walk across the street to see those guys.”  I thought, “Dear Lord, what on Earth are they teaching our kids in public schools about their country?”

Folks, our only hope for turning the left's mess around is prayer and electing more Dave Brats and Mike Flynns.  Don't forget, the Illinois special election is fast approaching, July 7.  God bless.