Marco Rubio gets speeding ticket for Obamatrade fast track vote

Senator Marco Rubio has voted to give President Obama fast-track authority for trade negotiations, but won't answer questions about whether he's read the secret legislation that Obama refuses to make public:

Earlier this week, Breitbart News reported that Rubio is refusing to answer whether he’s gone to the secret room inside the Capitol to read the text of Obamatrade. What’s perhaps most shocking about Rubio’s decision to vote for such sweeping trade legislation his staff, by not answering whether he read it therefore choosing to give off the public impression he didn’t, suggests he knows nothing about, is that Rubio decided to make Obamatrade a foreign policy centerpiece of his presidential campaign. He touted his support for it and why he thinks such a deal would help America in a speech last month to the Council on Foreign Relations. That decision seems to be coming back to bite him more and more, just like his support for the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill last Congress still hurts him.

If Congress approves fast-track authority on trade, it will be able to review the agreement two months before the president signs it. However, Congress only gets an up or down vote on a trade deal – meaning they can’t offer amendments to it. That essentially ensures that whatever is presented passes, regardless of the fact that Obama and his administration negotiated it.

“Under fast-track, Congress transfers its most basic legislative powers to the Executive for six years,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)80%, who opposed Obamatrade, said on May 22—the day the Senate passed TPA. “Any yet-unseen global pacts, no matter how sweeping, are guaranteed a ‘fast-track’ to congressional adoption. No amendments. No ability to strike any offending provision. And no chance to apply either the 60- or 67-vote thresholds used for important legislation and treaties…We are creating another unelectable, unaccountable, unanswerable bureaucracy that can tie down and frustrate American sovereignty.”

Ordinarily, there's nothing wrong with fast-track authority for trade negotiations. It's how trade deals get done, to prevent them from being bogged down with amendments. But with this lawless president, fast-track authority could be used to push provisions relating to anything from global warming to amnesty for illegal aliens, and a simple majority of Democrats and McConnell Republicans will be able to push it into law. That's why as Mark Levin has been saying, free traders should wait until we have a President who respects the law before passing such a piece of legislation, and he's 100% right.

The fact that this is a "secret" bill makes it more suspect. Have you ever in your life heard of secret bills? The only ones I've heard about are for the intelligence budget. Never before has so-called "trade legislation" been labeled as secret. That convinces me that there must be some nefarious things in it. And the fact that Rubio has voted for it, apparently without even reading it, shows me he's another go-along, get-along Senator, and once again I have to ask the question of why he's suited to be the Republican nominee? Does being handsome and Hispanic make up for everything else?

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